Using framing when taking a photograph

Framing a shot is one aspect of taking a great photograph.   Consider it as the placement of your subject in the context of your photograph.  It is one of the most important ways to focus interest on your subject that you are photographing.  It is done by being aware of and setting up the subject and background you are shooting to get the ultimate picture.  In the picture, the dog is the primary subject and the grass is the primary background.  If I wanted to, I could edit out the top of the photo but wanted to leave it as shot.  The dog caught looking at the tennis ball just adds more focus.  framing a photo
Let’s define the frame itself as the area that you see in the viewfinder prior to taking the  photograph and prior to any later editing.  You need to be ware of your subject and also the background in the entire frame and how your subject appears in the overall scene.  In most  cases, you may want the subject to be the prime focal point in the frame.  Remember that a subject is not necessarily a person but could be a pet, or an object such as a vase.  Check how your subject looks in the frame and if you are actually seeing what you intend to shoot.  Are you accidentally cutting off a subject’s arm or leg that you want to include?  Take a few seconds if possible to double check. .
Finally, check the background in the frame and see if here is anything distracting  or unwanted.  A great shot can be negatively impacted with the background that takes away from the focal subject.   Also, you can actually enhance a photo by being sensitive to your background  and possibly how your subject lines up to the background in the frame by rearranging the subject slightly.  In most cases you want to ensure the subject to be the prime focus in the shot and not lost in the background. However, if you are aware of the background, you can use it creatively to your advantage.
With the age of digital editing, you can change the frame at times by cropping after the shot but some background but if the subject’s hair is cut off, it is probably a wasted shot.  Hopefully this article provides you some helpful advice in taking photographs.

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